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Chocolate Dates | Healthy Chocolate Is the Future of Sweets

Who hasn't eaten a whole box of chocolates in one sitting and felt immediate regret and shame afterwards? Unfortunately, as easy as it is to go down, it can really mess your body up. What if there was such a thing as healthy chocolate, so you didn't have to adhere so strictly to the rule of moderation, while still getting that delectably sweet taste? The good news is there are chocolate dates that more-than-satisfy that sugar craving! Let’s take a look at traditional chocolates vs. some of our Dateolate chocolate date options!

Dateolate's delicious date chocolates are 90% date paste date paste and the other 10% is an authentic dark/milk chocolate coating. They're so incredibly satisfying for the chocolate lovers out there!

Traditional Chocolates vs Dateolates

Whether we're looking at milk or dark chocolate, one thing is for sure — the deliciousness of traditional chocolate should be an occasional treat at most. This is because it contains a lot more harmful content than beneficial content, contrary to some popular myths.


Let's take a basic bar of milk chocolate for example; it’s going to be very high mainly in sugar, calories, and fats (especially icky saturated fats). Sitting at a whopping 22g of sugar, 11g of total fat, and 200 calories (one-tenth of the daily recommended amount for a female-bodied person), it won't do you any favors!

But each piece of Dateolate chocolate only has 40 calories! Their sweetness can satisfy sugar cravings just like basic chocolate bars, but their date filling provides antioxidants and there are zero added sugars in the filling, and all is natural date sugar

While dark chocolate can be a bit leaner and lighter on the cardiovascular system than milk chocolate (because of the lack of heavy creams, sugars, and butters), the caffeine in it can have the opposite effect. Polyphenols, which are great forms of antioxidants, are indeed found in some dark chocolates, however, there are much healthier vehicles in which to receive them, such as berries, dates, and green tea. Since Dateolate’s healthy chocolates contain 90% dates and only 10% chocolate, they give you a large dose of those polyphenols with the same sweet taste!

Dateolate chocolates are a healthy alternative to traditional chocolates without sacrificing flavor or texture. These sweet chocolate date treats really are the full package and they’re revolutionizing the cacao market. Beyond being ultra-high in polyphenols, they also contain other nutrients like potassium, iron, and fiber.. There’s no other healthy chocolate as efficiently sweet and low cal as Dateolate.


Though traditional chocolate can give you some energy, through its caffeine and theobromine, it can also cause a caffeine and sugar crash (and even withdrawal symptoms if consumed in large amounts). A mood elevation effect can easily turn into lethargy and anxiety with just a little too much.

Dateolates actually contain high enough fiber and protein to give you that ‘full’ feeling without eating the whole box – though you’ll want to! They’re also better at delivering sustainable energy to your body so you don’t have a dramatic energy crash, and instead experience a consistent boost all day long.


The taste (and texture) of traditional chocolate is such a vivid experience, you’d think it’s incomparable, but it’s not. Chocolate is melt-in-your-mouth good, yes, but it comes with a price. Luckily, there’s an alternative that still provides that sweet, smooth richness.. Dateolate’s chocolates are the world’s first healthy chocolate, and they taste irresistibly good. Their natural sugars give them the same succulent sweetness as chocolate, but without any of the drawbacks.


These babies are filled with a luscious date paste and covered in a silky smooth chocolate exterior. There are no added sugars in the date paste,so you know it’s just pure natural goodness. The white, milk, or dark healthy chocolate coating makes a satisfying outer crunch. A piece contains 60% less sugar and calories than traditionally lean dark chocolate, making it the most delicious guilt-free healthy chocolate around.

These cute floral-themed chocolate nugs come packed in a modest-sized tray, typically containing around fifteen decadent blossoms. They make a great and satisfying snack and the perfect gift for that special someone in your life — or really anyone with a sweet tooth who deserves to treat themselves!

This uniquely reimagined healthy chocolate is the perfect snack that doesn't demand moderation. Get a dessert that’s healthier and more satisfying!

Give our delicious chocolate date treats a try!