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Diary of a Mad Hungry Woman

We Are Proud To Be Featured On the diary of a Mad Hungry Woman!

What Is the diary of a Mad Hungry Woman?

Launched in 2008, the diary of a Mad Hungry Woman is a site that hosts a food journal and restaurant critiques by Anita Lau.  She highlights her good, bad, and unique food experiences locally in California and as she travels!

Below is a summary of what they have said about our accomplishments:

Delectable Date-sweetened Chocolates from Dateolate

As a diabetic Anita Lau has to watch her sugar intake, but she does enjoy delicious treats on occasion.  Stumbling upon Roya Javaherchi’s handcrafted Dateolate chocolates, she found that one or two pieces satisfy her cravings for that chocolatey flavor without making her blood sugar skyrocket. 

With 90% date paste and 10% chocolate coating, Dateolate chocolates provide a healthy dose of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals while keeping the calories down to only 40/piece.

Growing up in Iran, sweets were at the center of Dateolate-owner Roya Javaherchi’s family gatherings. Dates, also considered “nature’s sweet,” always seemed to make an appearance in Persian treats. Roya used these cultural traditions combined with her Food Science Engineering degree and subsequent experience at Golestan-Kayla Company to branch out and create her own business.

Her desire to create delicious and healthy alternatives to the sugar-filled products that stock U.S. shelves has finally been realized in Dateolate.

Dateolate’s confections are great for special occasions, but Anita points out that she doesn’t need a reason to indulge. The chocolates are a perfect end to any day, and you should try them for yourself!

Read the whole review here.

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