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Fine Chocolate Industry Association

We Are Proud To Be Featured On the Fine Chocolate Industry Association’s Make Mine Fine!

What Is Make Mine Fine?

Make Mine Fine is a fine chocolate marketplace initiated by the Fine Chocolate Industry Association (FCIA).  FCIA is a nonprofit membership organization docused on supporting fine chocolate professionals.  They focus on producing products that use premium chocolate, natural ingredients, and transparency.  FCIA highlights chocolate producers who create delicious fine chocolate on their blog.

Below is a summary of what they have said about our accomplishments:


How Dateolate Solved Chocolate’s Biggest Problem

Chocolate is no doubt a family favorite, but it’s often full of sugar and other unehalthy ingredients.  Dateolate is working to make healthier chocolate alternatives for families.  Their chocolates are not only delicious, but also nutritious. 

When Dateolate’s founder, Roya Javaherchi, was a little girl in Iran, she was immersed in a culture that celebrated treats and chocolates.  With a number of diabetics in her family, her household was full of dynamic and innovating cooking.  Date fruits were often incorporated into recipes as a substitute for sugar while preserving the original taste.  So as an adult, Roya used her background in food science engineering and her history with date fruit to create Dateolate: a healthy solution for chocolate lovers.  

Many people avoid chocolate because of its high sugar concentration, and others feel guilt for eating it anyway.  Roya solved this problem by creating a product that tastes exactly like chocolate but is significantly more satisfying thanks to the creaminess of the date paste.  Without nearly as much fat, sugar, carbs, or calories as other chocolates, Dateolate chocolate pieces are the perfect addition to a healthy diet.  

Dateolate makes healthier chocolates and a more satisfying sweet for families.  By using date fruit in the recipe, the treats boast of more antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals than traditional chocolates.  Low in fat and high in nutrients, Dateolate sweets can boost energy levels, help you sleep better, improve your heart health, and prevent constipation.  There’s a whole host of benefits to consuming these healthy chocolates.

Read the whole review here.

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