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Dark Chocolate Date 15 Pc - Low Calorie, Gluten Free, All Natural, No Sugar Rush


Each piece of this 15-piece assorted gluten-free dark chocolate box contains only 33 calories — that's up to 250% less than alternatives! All-natural Gluten-Free Zero Added Sugars in the Filling No Additives or Preservatives Contains Antioxidants Only 33 Calories 72% Dark Chocolate Shipped with Ice Packs to Avoid Melting Our gluten-free Dark Chocolate Date Box contains 15 all-natural, no sugar-added...

Healthy Valentine’s Day Chocolate - Low Calorie, Gluten Free, All Natural, No Sugar Rush, Kosher


Your special someone deserves an extra special treat this Valentine’s Day!  Our healthy Valentine’s Day chocolate dates are the perfect way to show your love.  Each piece of this healthy Valentines gift contains only 33 calories, making this the ideal healthy Valentine dessert. We’re proud to offer the best Valentine’s Day chocolate box for your loved ones.  With 15 pieces...