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The Chocolate Cult

We are Proud to Be Featured on The Chocolate Cult!

What Is The Chocolate Cult?

The Chocolate Cult is a group of volunteers who help test products related to Chocolate to help you choose the best chocolates that nourish your body and soul. They have readers from 195 countries, and they've worked with 370 companies, chocolatiers, and brands from across the globe.

Below is a summary of what they have about our accomplishments:

Make a Date with Dateolate Chocolates

Dateolate is a chocolate confection made with Medjool dates, dark chocolate, and a lot of nuts. Three pieces are only 100 calories, a much lower calorie count than you’d get with three equally-sized dark chocolates.

Each bite is soft, it melts in your mouth. It starts with a dark chocolate taste, followed by a lightly sweet date and a bit of general nut flavor. It’s reminiscent of a sweet chocolate caramel in many ways, but without the intense stickiness.

Dark chocolate only makes up 10% of these treats, but that chocolate flavor really stands out. With the low calories, delicious taste, and variety of shapes and decorations, you’ll be tempted to keep them all to yourself!

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