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Taste and Travel!

What Are Tastes and Travel?

Tastes and Travel is an online blog written by an ardent woman named Deirdre.  She shares her experiences as she travels the globe, providing insights into different places to sightsee, the delicious food she tastes, wine and winery options, and tips and tricks for traveling.  Deirdre is very passionate about what she does and wants to provide her readers with the best possible information about the subjects she addresses.

Below is a summary of what they have said about our accomplishments: 

The Perfect Healthy Sweet Chocolate Treat!

Chocolatier Roya Javaherchi has perfected an ideal sweet treat that is both delicious and healthy!  Using fresh dates to create a date paste and covering them with dark or white chocolate, Roya is able to create a scrumptious treat with only 40 calories and packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.  To avoid a sugar rush (and crash) while still fulfilling that sweet craving, this healthy treat provides the perfect alternative.

Roya is Persian and grew up in a loving family full of talented bakers.  She studied accounting followed by Food Science Engineering and then completed a Master’s degree when she moved to the U.S.  She always wanted to start her own business, so she finally used her education and childhood experiences to create Dateolate -- a natural treat that complements her family’s love of dates. Deirdre loved the taste of Dateolate’s different flavors and believes that two pieces is the perfect amount!

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