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Dateolate to Feature at Chocolate Exhibition in Pasadena on October 6th 2024

Pasadena, CA – Dateolate, the innovative chocolate company known for its delicious and nutritious treats made with 90% fruit dates, is thrilled to announce its participation in the upcoming Chocolate Exhibition in Pasadena on October 6th.


Dateolate has carved a niche for itself in the chocolate market by offering a better alternative to traditional chocolates. Made primarily from dates, Dateolate chocolates are not only lower in calories but also packed with natural nutrients, making them a guilt-free indulgence. The company’s unique approach to chocolate has garnered significant attention, and they have been featured on platforms like Fox Good Day LA and other reputable sources.


The Chocolate Exhibition in Pasadena is a highly anticipated event that brings together chocolate enthusiasts, artisans, and industry experts from all over the region. It serves as a platform to showcase the latest trends and innovations in the chocolate world.


“We are incredibly excited to be part of this prestigious event,” said Roya, the founder of Dateolate. “This is a fantastic opportunity for us to introduce Dateolate to a wider audience and demonstrate how our chocolates stand out in the market. We believe that our focus on creating a delicious and nutritious product will resonate with the attendees.”


At the exhibition, visitors will have the chance to sample Dateolate chocolates and learn more about the benefits of incorporating date-based treats into their diet. The company will also highlight its commitment to quality and innovation in product development.


The event will take place at [Pasadena Convention Center], located in Pasadena, from [10: AM ] to [3:30 PM] on October 6th. Dateolate’s booth will feature a variety of their signature chocolates, providing an excellent opportunity for attendees to experience the unique taste and benefits of date-based chocolates.


For more information about Dateolate and their products, visit [] or follow them on Instagram at [Dateolate].


About Dateolate:


Dateolate is a chocolate company based in Orange County, specializing in creating chocolates made from 90% fruit dates. The company’s mission is to offer a better alternative to traditional sweets without compromising on taste. Dateolate chocolates are nutritious, delicious, and temptatious, making them a perfect choice for health-conscious individuals seeking a better alternative to conventional chocolates.